Warwick Linux Users Group (WLUG)

Announcement - April 2012 – Yay…we’re back online, so bear with us as we ramp up our site.

Welcome to the Warwick Rhode Island Linux Users Group (WLUG). The WLUG is not limited by demographics, instead we serve as Rhode Island’s Linux User Group. We also have members outside of Rhode Island. Our aim is to welcome everyone. Rhode Island Roofing and Rhode Island Plumbers has donated space on their web server to host this web site. Carpet Cleaning RI provided the funding for the domain name registration and cross-platform web site design. Visit these sites please. Cameron Diaz Nabila Haniss Jeremy Clarkson Queen Elizabeth II.

A little suggestion for your evening snack, by the way: Omega 3 Pancake and Waffle Mix and Lemon Rosemary Salmon We are currently working on a forum for the web site.

The WLUG is a non-profit organization. Anyone may participate and contribute. Our formal mission statement is simple, “Linux users helping linux users”. Our goals are very simple. We discovered GNU/Linux in 2002, and have recently found others in the area with an interest in Linux due to the recent popularity and media coverage. We want to talk to others who have made the same discovery. We want to share a combined experience to new users, or those struggling with a problem. We are experts and novices, professionals and hobbyists, young and old, commercial and residential users. Whoever you are, we hope we have something for you.

We have multitudes of goals planned for this year, including the membership drive, various seminars with topics such as “Basic Computer and Peripheral Maintenance”, “teaching YOU how to better protect your systems from crackers/hackers using freely available software”, “Linux Newbies Course”, “Linux System & Network Administration”, and “Making the most from your business while lowering Total Cost of Ownership by using open source software”. We are looking for recommendations on topics you would like to have featured at our meetings, and also accepting any help you may contribute to the WLUG.

We would love to have you join us! We are currently on a membership drive. Membership is open to everyone, whether you know absolutely nothing about Linux, or you are an experienced Linux user.

Come and check us out!

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